Life changes fast and at every moment !  Ever since becoming an anchor and doing my own shows on national TV , ehh something i always wanted to do….writing for myself never really happened…its been more than four months i guess!! its funny how i was on the other side of the table a few days back….. i use to write my blog thinking & dreaming about scripting my own shows or books someday and today i wonder about getting all that free time and space & energy to write for my blog…Its just another ordinary day today…or perhaps not !!

spending my time doing daily chores…cooking for myself this realisation just happened to me & while chopping pineapple and seeing how almost 70% of the fruit goes to waste and yet we pay a lot of money for buying it i realsied how in life we run after things that probably aint worth it !!

Its nostalgic to be able to get back to writing and real writing indeed !! not just scripting mhy shows….it feels great to be able to let the thoughts flow & share them with many others….


The Apparition

it was just another fun filled day,me and my friends the four of us were returning back home from my friends cousin’s wedding function. they say when something is meant to happen it will happen anyway and you just can’t avoid it , no matter how hard i tried to make our return trip while the sun was still up, it kept getting delayed for one or the other reasons, first we got up late, second we spent awful lot of time at the local cafe and third lol we forgot the route we had to take towards the highway and kept goin roundabout in other directions but towards the highway.

finally after sometime and somehow we did find our way towards the road to be taken and it was already around five in the evening , the sun was setting faster and i really worried about the night driving thing we had to do even the weather was not supportive the farther we travelled ,stormier the weather became , as the night fell and the sky gleamed dark blue with streaks of  heavy grey clouds here and there it seamed far beyond our reach to get back home on time. the rain fell heavy on our windscreen and the storm grew louder and fiercer , it was the dust filled winds and the trees that loomed on the roadside that created the environment for sharing spooky stories but instead we debated heavier topics like “GOD “DEATH” KARMA”. somebody at the wedding party had given us an idea of taking a shortcut , which was suppose to be a route full of natural beauty that we could enjoy but it was already dark and the idea did no longer serve us , however we reached a bifurcation where the two roads lead to > the shortcut that we were suggested and >> the other one was towards the road we had already taken while we had left for attending the wedding.

we stopped at a local restaurant (called “dhaba” in hindi) and decided to confirm if the road that goes straight was the same route we had taken when we embarked on this journey and how good it would be if we did not take this road and took the other one(the shortcut).  here at this dhaba we find a jeep which was literally filled with lots of people and we decided to talk to the driver and ask him of the same. strangely enough the guy says the road going straight is not good , its destroyed in parts and filled with potholes that will cause us a lot of inconvenience so he suggests us to take the bifurcated route , i was sitting quiet and i had my doubts alarming because i clearly remembered the road had no sort of damages that the driver  had just described and i was already uncomfortable with the idea of taking any shortcuts or new routes specially deviating from the highway but everbody else decided to take the shorter road and we should have hardly went 50-60 mts that i had a strong gut feeling we need to reverse and get off this track as soon as possible, i asked my friend to turn back ,i was highly uncomfortable and a feeling of urgency rather knowing just kept rising inside of me.

the wind was blowing hard enough along with water pouring like from a sprinkler , the vision was surely not so clear but clear enough to see what was right there in front of our car , the moment the lights hit on a patch on the driver’s side i saw something that resembled a human body , to my horror it was outlined by dust and i could see through it crystal clear the forest that lay behing , i re-focused my eyes to check if it was just an imagination but for all of those 5-10 secs that the thing glowed in the car’s light ,it stood like a man!!

we speed across and came to the same dhaba , i was looking for the jeep ,it was nowhere to be seen , we take the same road he had when we started and not to my surprise the road was as smooth as silk and the jeep was nowhere to be seen , there was no chance that an ordinary jeep could run off our high speed SUV neither there was a chance of the jeep going any other direction but forward. i instantly knew what just happened with us

i did not say a word for quite sometime , just kept wondering and fearing whatever it was that i saw , i could not control the feeling of asking others if they too saw it and guess what my friend who was driving the vehicle confirmed it ,he saw the same thing while the other sitting behind could not , it was not in their vision range.


i don’t know what it was or who it was and why it happened but even today after months of this having taken place , whenever i remember that night it spooks me , i get goosebumps and probably i will never forget that apparition !!