Life changes fast and at every moment !  Ever since becoming an anchor and doing my own shows on national TV , ehh something i always wanted to do….writing for myself never really happened…its been more than four months i guess!! its funny how i was on the other side of the table a few days back….. i use to write my blog thinking & dreaming about scripting my own shows or books someday and today i wonder about getting all that free time and space & energy to write for my blog…Its just another ordinary day today…or perhaps not !!

spending my time doing daily chores…cooking for myself this realisation just happened to me & while chopping pineapple and seeing how almost 70% of the fruit goes to waste and yet we pay a lot of money for buying it i realsied how in life we run after things that probably aint worth it !!

Its nostalgic to be able to get back to writing and real writing indeed !! not just scripting mhy shows….it feels great to be able to let the thoughts flow & share them with many others….


just another day # 1

the magic of human mind … the beauty of its creations at its best….

a simple cut / copy / paste function in a not so simple laptop

how quickly the text just disappears and re appears gracefully , almost mystically in another space…. like the sun playing hide and seek on a rainy day …… the words go invisible and then re appear , every time leaving this amused feeling behind…..

how beautiful is the transition ….. it almost went ” Slow-mo” right here in front of my eyes …. like…. time just rolled a little too slow…. only to reveal me this originality ………… the beauty of the mundane..

Echoes of potala

Imagine walking on an ancient road of a bustling market, making your way through crowds of avid sightseers and pilgrims. Farmers, Nobel men from lands far off, herdsmen, traders and the sick seeking cure in Lhasa. Ahead is that which is standing proud, the magnificent Potala palace. A self contained township on the hill top, abode of the Dalai Lama. This stately home is also the church and parliament of Tibet, it’s the living heart of the city; focus of all thoughts and hopes. Hidden within its walls is a treasure house of gold, gems and curiosities age old. On the walls hang rich tapestries, depicting religious scenes and ancient legends.

As you walk towards the far end of a long room you see the “Inmost one”, the 13th Dalai Lama sitting on a silken cushion of saffron colour and somewhere from distance comes the sounds of the prayers of the monks, almost a whispering “ohm Mani padme hum”.

Now imagine a war, houses turning to dust. Hundreds of harmless people killed. Hear the cries of innocent men and women, the sobbing of a hopeless mother with her dead child in her lap. Feel the torture inflicted on them, the ripping of flesh with a roll of the whip, the oozing of blood and breaking of bones. Lhasa is looted of its wealth and the sacred writs of a kind, thrown out of their homeland its people still vain.

So much the horrors of Tibet’s suffering, its echoes still reverberating strong in me.

It maybe history but it still causes me grief, why I feel so I’ll tell you in brief. I feel the hurt, anger and pain; you may call it empathy, past life’s connection or something else.

History stands witness to doom of nations so meek. They have pleaded for help, who heard them is the question indeed!

Are we so full of ourselves or are we blind or are we so inhuman to ignore their plight? Cannot we stand together for Tibet?

The world is but a one big family and isn’t it what a family is for?

MUSIC -look what it did to me !!

its five minutes to 12, midnight here in India , a hot shower was all i could do to relax myself of the day’s fatigue and there came to me this beautiful sound almost making me imagine a long walk into the woods with my hands in yours , warm and comfortable in your presence,the beautiful glistening gold of the setting sun shining on our faces making them more beautiful than the fairies and gods

not that i did not have something better to do at this odd time that i end up feeding some rich classical music to my noise tired ears , i end up on this track by kitaro- theme of ROMEO and JULIET , what a beauty is it?? i think i needed something like this for so long to let out this loneliness that was haunting me all this time , yes i definitely remember to miss you,not forget you , your touch , your smile , your look , your unsaid words of love and care,the feelings or thoughts you’d never dare reveal only wanting me to understand them within my heart,it all it lies within of me , not in the deepest recesses where i cannot catapult them from but in the center most of my heart and mind , you are and will always be there.

how this beautiful music was meant to be played and that too by me to remind me of you , to bring a little tear or two for what should have been , could have been, to again lighten up the flame  that seemed to be dying somewhere ,somehow , our loved ones never really stop loving us for our mistakes do they?mistakes that should not even counted as ones??

i know we were strong , we were one only separated by the tide of time , the same tide us will bring us on the same shores again , where our eyes shall meet , our souls re-unite and our love rekindled… i shall wait that  ..for now i lay content and pray , what we have only grows much stronger as time passes us by .

sometimes things are just lined up  , and then it strikes you omg is that the answer i was looking for /?? is that the thing i was missing on ?? life is not weird , its just always revolving around you , nudging you , giving you your answers just open yourself to that sound !!

with so much love to YOU and all 🙂