Life changes fast and at every moment !  Ever since becoming an anchor and doing my own shows on national TV , ehh something i always wanted to do….writing for myself never really happened…its been more than four months i guess!! its funny how i was on the other side of the table a few days back….. i use to write my blog thinking & dreaming about scripting my own shows or books someday and today i wonder about getting all that free time and space & energy to write for my blog…Its just another ordinary day today…or perhaps not !!

spending my time doing daily chores…cooking for myself this realisation just happened to me & while chopping pineapple and seeing how almost 70% of the fruit goes to waste and yet we pay a lot of money for buying it i realsied how in life we run after things that probably aint worth it !!

Its nostalgic to be able to get back to writing and real writing indeed !! not just scripting mhy shows….it feels great to be able to let the thoughts flow & share them with many others….


abstract art #3

now the fun part about this art is that it changes as u turn the pic around..upside down…ul c wot i mean if u can do tht 😛 ….

art also available for purchase…intrested people can drop me contact/ email on comments and il get bck to u 🙂


love to all ❤

A new city and Me

i sleep myself off everyday with a prayer to god for all the great things , friends , experiences and somehow new discoveries that i am everyday making within of me and to the fact that how much i miss my family now that i am living on my own in a completely new city and everyday i wake myself up to the reality , not so lonely but yes confident enough to face the day with even bigger energy than yesterday.

it’s amazing how strong living alone , doing your things on your own , managing food , stay etc can make you. i havent really surprised myself that i can do so much on my own but yeah i do have surprised a lot of people that had pre conceived notions of me , that i can and i do so much on my own … no am not a rich spoilt brat !!! 😀 ..

i dont know how would i put this up , but yeah in a way i love this new space , new people and of course the idea of being so independent and it is definitely bringing an inner inspiration along with a deeper understanding of my own self and the work i am doing is definitely like so positively the other side of me that was just waiting to be unleashed .. oh n staying alone is another brave endeavor that i have taken up lol !!


love to all ❤