a good day today to surface these thoughts !!

Past one week had been a week full of self realizations for me…. be it on personal relationships or about my work….

perhaps i learn it yet again… never hold on or run after people..never ever…..respect , love and value yourself always..above and beyond everything….know your worth  !!! if they are meant to be in your life…they will !!!

it has been a terrific terrific working time …… shooting a lot..sometimes non stop….exhausting and overwhelming yet fun.. !

perhaps they say it right ” hard work pays off ” …. slogged my ass for months together only to get this chance of doing my own show while i still intern with the TV channel i work with !! fabulous isnt it?

lessons learnt …. outgrowing yesterday’s mistakes and failures ….. letting to of whatever was holding me down…. letting go of negative people …. emotions and thoughts….. taking chances….meeting new people…opening up to new possiblities and above all ….. loving myself more !!!

it is true that life will not always be good to you…but neither does it always give you lemons ….. you have to make the best of everything and anything that comes your way…. never loose sight of your goals …never let go of your dreams… and yes ofcourse dare to dream !!!

i am living my dreams…. and if i can….you can too !!!

with love ………………………


two sentence wisdom

Perhaps the word ” LIFE” looses its meaning when you say that you “you live only once ”

for life is experience and expriences are lived over and over and over………

five reasons why your meditation does not work you !!!

if you have been struggling with your daily meditation practice and have been unable to focus # concentrate and reap the expected benefits out of your meditations well here’s why it is so

>> you try to be in control of the process, that is you do not let your mind be in control of taking you into that meditative state rather you constantly try to fight your way into it with your thoughts

>> self doubting , this is one of the major reasons why you cannot meditate or why your meditations dont really workout for you. almost all of us face this when we are beginners , we tend to doubt our way of practice and also if at all the whole meditation thing really even works , this self doubting does no good and keeps you from harvesting the innumerable benefits a daily meditations can bring to your life

>> you are too confused or either you know way too many practices and cannot choose which one really works the best for you. the best thing you can do is, take one practice a week , observe , feel and then decide which one’s the best suited to you.

>> too much of pressurizing the self for getting into practice , now sometimes your body and mind are just not in the state or rather are ready for the stillness , its absolutely okay , you dont need to force yourself on meditating , its very normal and human to not feel like meditating for a day or two and rather just taking a break , going out for play , maybe reading or doing anything else you like , even that works as a meditation because you are spending time with yourself and nurturing yourself in another way for that sake.

>> you dont know what and why you are meditating , you need to know within yourself why it is that you are meditating , what is the thing that needs to be healed or what is the quality that you wish to attain or it maybe simply your are trying to reconnect with yourself or the higher self , when you know your purpose for meditation , the whole process just becomes much more smooth and you are more confident. the human has a tendency of requiring a specific cause towards which it will work hard and when you can give it such a cause , its determined and focused and then you can see the results yourself.

just try to spend some time thinking about these points and your valuable feedback is always welcome , please feel free to share with your experiences and queries if any.

love to all ❤