morning glory

okay so today i am sharing one of the best and all time favorite and easy recipe  for instant energy boost and a long lasting healthy effect on your body

so let’s get started with this , you would be needing

> fresh spinach leaves

> oranges  (seeded)

> red tomatoes

> amla / gooseberry

> carrots

>mint leaves / coriander leaves

> water

> black salt / normal salt ( if u need a tastier drink )


how to make it :-


well this is very simple , you need to put in the blender some fresh spinach , mint / coriander (whatever u prefer  ) , peel the oranges and seed them ( you could take two or three of them depending upon Ur taste for tangy foods) , add in fresh tomatoes , chop em into two’s then chop the gooseberry (take at least three) and now chop and toss in the carrots. grind them into a smooth paste and use a strainer to obtain the juice , you can add in some water to make it thinner in consistency and add a pinch of black salt / normal salt to add an additional taste to your juice … and its ready to consume …. !!!!
health benefits :- umm well its extremely rich in vitamin A and C cuz of its contents , this will be great for your eyes , hair , skin and an ultimate energy booster and a great kick start for a long long day !!
hope u guys enjoy this drink and stay tuned for some more awesome food recipes  !! 😀
 eat healthy stay healthy
love to all <3<#<3#<3



!!!onion rings with a twist !!!

hey ol… it was a gloomy rainy day today….quite boring an evening for me, i was looking around for something interesting to do and while swtiching between the channels i came across FOOD SAFARI on fox travellver which actually motivated me and made me hungry enough to cook a quick snack for myself. being in the mood of eating something not so healthy and calorified 😛 i experimented with the traditional recipe of making onion rings and guess what!!! it turned out really nice … so i decided i can share it with you all ….

here’s the quick and easy recipe to nice and crispy onion rings:-

…. onion-rings

DISH := crispy crunchy onion rings


3-4 Teaspoons finely refined wheat flour(maida)
1 Onion ( if medium sized else 2 or more as per number of people) , cop it into ring shape and separate the rings
1 Teaspoon of curd
salt (as per taste)
finely chopped coriander leaves
finely grated ginger
finely chopped garlic
a bit of red chilli flakes / powder ( since we indians like our food spicy 😉 )
a pinch of basil / oregano
vegetable oil ( for frying)

NOTE:- you could also add a bit of Garam Masala to it to bring on more flavor)


set aside the oil in a frying pan and in the meantime the oil gets heated up good enough for frying our onion rings mix in all the ingredients with the flour ( maida) and let the dressing get marinated ,since we have curd to it , it will get a nice sour and creamy taste to it.
u know that the oil is ready for frying when you put in a small piece of onion and the oil starts sparkling, now add the rings to the dressing and mix it properly … now carefully put one by one the rings into the frying pan and let them fry until they turn golden brown …

once all the rings have been fried..spearate them if they stick to eachother, while serving just add a dash of salt on top and squeeze in fresh lime juice and dfor garnish use coriander leaf’s.

note:- you can eat this with a mayo dip !!! it tastes awesome !!!

so give it a try and i hope you find it yummy and have a good time preparing and eating it!! and dont forget to be very carefull while frying onions !!!

bon appetit 😀