painting somebody’s dreams

so painting somebody’s dream / visions cannot be easy

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this is basically an actual depiction of a dream that has been literally haunting my client for quiet sometime now.. It is a dream about his deceased father,and it has kept him tangled in a lot of emotions that can’t be explained..

If you look at the painting carefully…u will see designs and patterns and color combinations that are there for a purpose…the dream that in literal terms happens in the mind is depicted over here as bleeding from his eye, taking form of this bridge that he travel while it shatters away with his every forward step…looking carefully u c the bridge roll into a bundle at the centre with vivid colors with shades of black and grey too…they promise of goodness after bad and also show the state of mixed emotions while his dream has just started unfolding to him…

You also see tears welled up under his eye, colored in darkest of blue with the idea of concealment….. Concealment of his emotions regarding the tragedy….. While a bold teardrop would rather catch your attention you will also notice waves of ocean on his face as well as on the beginning of the chest…. This depicts the emotions that trapped withing him… Big and deep like an ocean.. Ol welled up inside him…
You would also see frost flakes and autumn leaves as they r also a part of his vision….put into the painting very subtly…

The most noticeable thing is the road that traveled parallel…. It is connected to this bridge and on this road is a dark apparition, the figure of his departed father;that only keeps walking away from him and finally leaves with a promise of meeting him soon……it tries to show the chase… To catch up with his father who is distant and always unapproachable.

There is also a small yin-yang depicting the balance of good and bad….after negativity in life there is always space for goodness…

Explanation of the patterns

U see a chess board type pattern right on the top….made with an idea of how engaged this dream has kept him at the same Time how confused it has kept him and how he has been unable to get an explanation to his vision,shown by simple fish net pattern…….

The peacock feathers have been used to depict the happiness, equal to that of a peacock when it’s monsoon….. The happiness that he enjoys when he achieves everything his father had wanted him to…..
While the stars on the top corner simply signify th dreamland….

U also see a snake on the side .. And depending on the viewers perception of the symbol it can be both evil or good….like it is said the deceased family members always visit in dreams in the form of snake….and there r several more interpretations to this…….. The French fires like things on the top are an effort to give it a more tribal and abstract touch
Tiny fishes r made a part of this as a symbol of goodness….luck and promise of something good to come….While the rainbow shoes good times that come after so much of darkness
Also there is the Egyptian eye of hours…….again with a belief to ward off evil……while there are many many more patterns in there that need to be explained I guess this is enough a description to give everybody and idea as to why n what this is…..