So here I am, back to writing my blogs almost after three damn years!! shitt…i mean what can a job n that too in the media do to someone..although i write and i write a lot (being a TV/ news anchors involves a lot of that) i still wouldn’t somehow manage rather gather myself to writing my own thoughts feelings and ideas…

Anyway, they say it’s never too late to start over again…

so today i am sharing a very interesting story and perspective on cats! Lately i’ve been quite mused by my feline neighbours..not to say we have so many of them around here where i live..they outnumber almost any other creature..jeez….but i love them!!

A general answer, atleast the one i always get to hear when asked about “what one thinks about cats’ is that omgg i hate cats, they’re so mean! errr….and i actually never understood why people say that because honestly i do not think any animal except man is mean! Having said that, the meanest things are happening to me right now in my life, i have ACNE issues *fright* and i am off chocolate!! *sobs* ….

So i really do think cats are special and i will prove that to you in not just one but many ways..let’s get started with how i met my feline, agile, nimble furry friend who has almost inspired me to get back to writing and spreading the good word about her kind…thanks catlynn! yeah that’s her name…cute ain’t it? 111

It was a cold winter evening, i was doing my usual evening meditation after work; at my terrace and suddenly something inspired me to pray for a cat friend! yes you heard me right…a cat friend!! and i asked for one… Surprised you may be..but the very same week i was sent one… this one’s a local wild grey cat we find plenty here in India…and she come’s in almost as scared & amused to find me at the rooftop as i was of her…She was beautiful….Crystal green eyes, grey brown fur and a cute little face!! It was love at first sight…i Knew catty and i have a long way to go …

Days and weeks went by, i fed her almost daily…there wasn’t no binding between us. For me to feed her or for her to care if i did or not..She was my companion in all my meditations everyday. Our friendship and trust with each other was slow to develop…They say cats are too psychic, they can sense the spirit in someone. I guess my cat liked mine and slowly and steadily we became friends.

She started getting curious about me, would come close to occasional sniff or paw scratch was the beginning of her letting me know she was getting comfortable with my presence…and bang one day she came right next to me and rub her face in my feet… Here on i have perhaps been the only person walking the earth who has ever touched Miss catty! errr and i guess will probably.

She sticks by me through thick or thin. I travel a lot, my work makes me come home at odd odd hours i mean i literally might work for 20 hours straight a day n come back at 4am only to find my cat sitting at the door waiting patiently to meet me. She would sometimes just come to say hello (cos i would not find her around later in the day)

I loved how she would everytime know when i will be back from work and she’ll always be there around before me..Wow indeed cats are psychic..atleast mine is!!

A few months back i started getting really sick..somehow medicine was helping me and i was ofcourse quite worried about what was going on…

They say cats have the ability to suck away negativity from around or inside of you. That they have an extremely powerful energy field around them and have the ability to shoo away any damn negative energies that may have an impct on you. Well i don’t know if that is true but the fact that she transferred good vibes to me is!

Everytime i was dull n low my cat would come around just rub herself around me, meoww at me..almost like she is talking to me n telling me everythings gonna be alright mommy! And those cuddles and hugs literally changed my energy field…i would feel that sense of calm, relief, joy and above all comfort from this little furry being. Wooww..animals do have such impact on us!

Cats are truly magical beings and why i say that?

Take a look back into what’s called animal totems! now this is something my awakened friends would know of..If you don’t please consult our best friend- ‘google’…Anyway so cat totem says cats are highly spiritual, fanciful and independent. They know the ways of magical realms. Often come along when you will or are going to do some magical work like inner healing, a ritual etc…No wonder cos when my cat came in i was going through a period of major transformation and healing!

The cat totem teaches us to “allow ourselves to be”. It represents having a fine sense of self care, self pace and nourishment in life.

Cats are a true match with spiritual people. I mean i have seen this in my case atleast and i am a spiritual person. Not a single cat i have found has even been afraid or cautious of me when around. Having said that, cats rely on their spiritual energies and ofcourse instincts!

As a cat grows so does her energy field, which means she gathers more power with age. She can sense spirit & even communicate with one. How many times have you seen your cat staring blank into the wall or in the pitch dark ..or how many times have you seen a cat chasing invisible things in the garden? Those are fairies they say cats love chasing them…Cats also capture sounds we cannot hear.Testimony, my cat would look weird and alert everytime i would play any solfeggio frequency or music with deep tones…yes they pick up on sounds very very very subtle! I have seen this!!

So how do you know if a cat likes you? Well, since they pick up on energies so easy..the next time a cat comes purring its way to you, you know you’ve found a friend!

Cats also love company,they love to sleep in your bed with you. Often on the top of your head maybe! just kidding! Cats are known to protect their owners from invisible energies, negative influences.Everytime you see your cat arch its back, get all protective, surround you or just chase into a space with that body language…you know she’s ridding something unwanted!!

So the next time you say you hate cats, or get disrepectful of them…you might want to remember or know they ain’t just a fur ball rolling around asking for attention and food……..

OOooooooh n not to forget cats were among the most sacred, special and reverred animals in the anicent Egypt….may Bast, the cat goddess bless your soul…





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