journaling a saturday in MAY

its been quite sometime that i have worked and trained with this news broadcaster back here in India .

nice workplace , good people to be around with and above all lots of Learning ! Although i wasnt really content with what i was doing and had done until now,i still had hopes to make my place …rather first find my place in this org!

, having joined a music show and getting the full liberty to work as a producer ; now i somehow find that contentment , its there yet its small …. maybe cornered somewhere inside but still making its presence felt… . although i am not too experienced with this work that i can decide if this is what i want !! but so far now it seems it will work me well …

going out there …shooting concerts…scripting…conceptualizing shows…working on plans …editing …. meeting people…travelling…. i think im getting everything i wanted …ofcourse except sleep and rest !! something i have been depraved of since a month now and i have no idea how i am coping up with it , but here i am…still alive !!

it was more of a burden until now , to have to work for a team and in an environment i disliked , spending  hours and hours working on what i could not even relate myself with …. it was sad !!

Now…… im always on my toes , i work non stop … i get exhausted and sometimes alone…sometimes i fear if i can do it at all ? and othertimes i doubt if i would like it so? and sometimes i just become laidback…

i cannot say how this will be… but for the time being its going good … its going fine…

i think music has been a part of my life always… and now that i get a chance to associate with even better …. i think i am not just lucky but very happy too….

maybe all the hardwork and dedication pays off….maybe this will turn into what i want it to be….perhaps this will be promising !


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