for all father’s

Like the mountain that nurtures life on the plains, a father stands strong, protecting and providing for everything his child would need; he toils all his life to build a future for his child. He stands guard and supports the child every time. He may seem hard on the outside but like the molten lava that lies in the mountain’s core, is his love abundant and pure; it’s hidden and sometimes unexpressed.

His love never changes, his care grows with time. As the child ages he morphs into a close friends, but he still always will be a father.

And Someday like the migratory birds that fly beyond and above the mighty hills, his child will fly away too but he will still be there, always there!

Like the mighty mountain that allows the migrants to fly away, who were once sheltered and inhabited its plains, the father will let his child fly free and far; for he knows now you can.

And Like the mountain that awaits the return of its gypsy friends, he will await your return, for it is with him where the child will always find his shelter.


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