when the going gets tough,there comes inspiration

few days are those days where one requires immense patience , perseverance , faith, hope and belief that its just going to be fine. we all must have once faced this time period in our lives where one or the other such incidence happens that becomes too much demanding of us to keep maintain our inner strength and power. Basically we name them “the bad days ” however i’ve realized its not bad days its rather more of life preparing you for future and of course the inevitable truths it has to unfold sooner or later. life and death is one such inevitable truth and the more you try to understand it the deeper you get its acceptance , human miseries and pains is another thing which needs to be accepted , if there is life , there will be pains and gains both !

i maybe too young for some people to get this  wisdom but like i perceive,the sooner the better !!

there also comes time when we draw inspiration from the suffering of our loved one , in their suffering we realize the suffering of many others and that is the moment when we really want to do something for the people.i have recently had one such moment for myself and i have been inspired enough to come up with something to help others seeing the suffering of a dearly loved family member. i look forward to this small yet a significant effort and hope that it could change at least one persons life for the good.


love to all



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