a vizualization practice for all

hey all ,

so here i am writing down another inspirational plus motivational post about the power of our intentions and the power within us …. the method that im going to share today with all of you is something that i have been doing for a while and it does work , depends totally on how creatively u can use it and how honestly u practice it daily..

just another day when i was wondering what kind of visualization should be working for me this technique happened to me ….while  practicing my usual meditation,a thought rather an image ran across my mind where i saw my hands shaped like a cup and a bright ball of luminous white energy shining inside ….i realized this was it ,it was what i was looking for , i needed to connect with my internal source of power ,the power that definitely comes from the superior source but lies within me and so i decided to make use of this image in my next meditations ….

the method that i share with you will help you in a lot of ways like ;

>focused attention >creative imaging/vizualizing
>controlled thoughts
>feeling one with yourself and confident ,knowing that you can accomplish anything
>clear thoughts and intentions …etc etc

the most important benefit being the feeling of being one with your own power ,the feeling of being in control of your life and not a victim of situations and circumstances that happen or have happened to you  and being confident that you can at many moment create the life of your choice with your inner power……

so il quickly share with you this process and lets hope it works out well for u too 🙂

what basic prep u need to do for this meditation is > find yourself sitting or lying down or whatever position suits you and comforts you ,in a place ,room or area where you can find some moments of absolute silence and peace with absolutely no sound or people or things to disturb ya! next i would want you to totally relax yourself ,close your eyes and start breathing slowly and deeply and without giving any names to whatever your feeling inside i want you to know and feel that your become silent and peaceful inside…

now that your ready and in peace with yourself begin with imagining that you see ur palms joined together like your holding something precious in your hands  ,see the lines and the skin and every little detail of your palms with your minds eye (u’ll be surprised to see the details that you would normally miss out with open eyes 😀 ) , imagine that there is a tiny white ball of light is emerging from between your palms and it is rising above….as it comes higher and higher ,it gets closer to your eyes and you can see it growing in size …this ball shines brightly into your eyes and you are just amazed with this pure white light ,you can feel its vibration,energy and warmth in your palms…..

try to hold this ball in front of your eyes and look at it ,try to look whats inside it….as u keep looking at it …feel within you that this ball of light is your own pure energy , this is the secret power lies within you ..the power that will help you create the life you want to , the power that brings knowledge ,wisdom , love , guidance and all kinds of abundance into your life…with the help of this power you can create whatever it is that you wish for….as u keep focussing your thought on this ball of white ….imagine it growing bigger and brighter …feel your power increasing and feel the confidence of having it within you right now!! 

you can bring this power to life whenever you want to and it is always going to be there within you….

now let this ball decrease in size and descend back into your palms ,as it comes nearer to your palms it turns into a tiny white sparkle that shines right into your eyes and reminds you that it is always inside you and you can call upon it anytime you need …..let this light fade inside your hands and now slowly bring your attention back to your body and notice how you feel….!!! open your eyes now


so this meditation is one of the most fun and beautiful experience and im sure you would love it once u practice it ….it would take a bit of effort and time to get that image created in your mind but once u can you’ll realize i am not kidding when i say it works!!!

it will definitely affect your life in a positive way ….so try it out and share your experiences with me and also about the benefits that you feel u’ve had out of this method …


see you soon with some new exciting stuff for reading 😀

take care

love to all


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