Ten daily habits that could change your life now

hello there ,

i have been reading a lot about the quantum physics and the mechanism of the human subconscious mind and its amazing powers , i was initially a non believer in it myself until i gave it a try and yep it does work , whatever you may call it , but it is something very powerful and beyond our imagination is its power..

after a careful observation of my own life and situations  i could figure out a few infact 5 simple habits that we all must inculcate in ourselves , which could create such big impact in our lives we cant even think of . so here i am writing this blog to share those ideas with you

>1. learn to take responsibility for your actions and the results or situations that you face in your life , because it is you who has manifested it exactly the way you gave out feelings for it.

2. we all must spare sometime out of our daily routine and spend few minutes by keeping absolute silence or doing meditation , this way you’ll learn to have a control of speech and the words that you use and also you’ll be in control of your thoughts. now why do i say to keep or practice silence daily, well its simple , the words we say have much more power than we thought they could have so therefore it becomes quite necessayr to maintain healthy words in our speech and thoughts for ex use more of i can , i love , joy , happiness , having lots of etc (positive words) in your conversations.

3. we must make it a habit to talk to ourselves , of course we all need expert advice sometimes don’t we lol , talking to yourself is not some weird thing , infact you’ll start noticing that when u do this there will be much more peace , happiness,problem solving, confidence , happiness , lesser anger and frustration in your life. this could be a great session for asking yourself important questions and seeking best answers to them.

4. practice any kind of physical i suggest physical activities like dancing or playing or spending time with pets or in nature , this simply brings you on a higher positive vibration and also is a great stress buster and trust me it teaches you how to be peaceful and patient .

5. practice gratitude and imagination , try to become a feeling being.so whenever you have free time or maybe when u go to bed or wake up take out a minute to look around for the abundance and things in life that u never noticed but should’ve been grateful about, spread love , feel things that may have not yet happened to you but how wonderful it would be to have them come to you and happen to you.

6. laugh , laugh as much as you can, it simply dissolves the bad energy inside us

7. spend time with nature , go for a walk in the fresh air , do gardening , talk to your dog maybe , or sit under a tree , look at the grass , look at the life all around you.

8. do creative things , dance , sing , write , paint , cook whatever it is that you like just do it

9 . take a cold shower twice in a day , specially after a long hectic day at office ,you could use aroma therapy bathing gels with fragrances such as lavender or rose or jasmine , they definately have an impact on the body and mind . water has the property of absorbing your vibration , it can absorb your negative energy and refresh you , bring you calm and peace

10. eat healthy , eat balanced diets , eat lots of green veggies , eat fruits , eat chocolate lol it is a good feeling booster for me 😛 , avoid processed foods and meats , drink hell lots of water.


hope this article proves a bit of help to all of you wonderful people out there , and yep above all dont forget to give out love ,  just give it for no reason and see what magic it brings out in your life.


love to all




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