Karma vs Destiny

                        Karma vs. Destiny

We often find ourselves divided between what we want to do and what others want us to do, but life gives us opportunity to choose and make path for ourselves , it’s then unto us how we make the most of what comes our way and also how we perceive it.

Years back I met a person who was simply strange; she was a girl who was so full of life and so energetic that it almost made me feel she was immature and childish. She was ardent and positive and always followed her hearts desire and struggled till the last moment, and hence almost nothing was there which was impossible in her life. I use to wonder, damn! Where does that strength come from and finally one day I found out the reason. No matter what tough phases she faced, she had made up her mind that she would never give up, even in worst cases she learnt to keep cool and never let a single negative thought run across her mind and deviate her from her goal. She diligently faced everything and every situation at its face value and knew that nothing was impossible; all the good things in life were meant to be hers as much as they were for anybody else. It definitely takes a hell lot of time to gain so much of optimism and endless faith but its not impossible!

Human mind is one amazing thing that has the power to turn almost anything impossible into the possible.. and all it takes is a one single thought. There have been endless discussions on the potential of human mind for centuries now and there might be people who believe that it’s the destiny that rules their life, even I believed till some extent destiny mattered but when I myself tried to explore the powers of mind and inculcated un-shakable faith and hope, I knew that its not the destiny.. Its you and your thoughts that make and shape your life.

You give out bad feelings for money, u will never have so much of money, on the other hand if you give feelings of love and joy for the money you have, nothing can stop it from sticking to you.

Something’s in life cannot be explained , they exist but we cannot prove their existence and I guess this power or energy or whatever you call it is something like that, we just can’t explain it, but those who have experienced it know it does very much exist.

This encounter was life transforming for me and I really don’t think anything else could have had so much of an impact over my mind .i could have never thought of experiencing this spiritual transformation. This was an encounter with myself , I don’t know how and when did this happen and when n where did I ever think of understanding the physics of human mind, but it just happened.

Like I said, certain things cannot be explained.

Taking lessons from all that has happened till date in my life , from failures to success , enduring betrayals of false friends to finding good friends , from smallest of accidents to biggest mistakes …. I have learnt one very important lesson , we should never loose hope , we are as good as anybody else , and if you follow your heart’s desire, no damn thing in this world can stop you from success and having what you wanted all your life.

Positive thinking gives hope even in hopeless situations and the final outcome is always winning!

So change the way you’ve been thinking, your destiny is not pre- determined… it’s self made and never forget AS YOU SOW, SO SHALL YOU REAP (and this is very much different from destiny).

NOTE: – karma refers to the work you do in your present that is going to effect your present and future


By: Richa Sojatia (Indore, India)

© Richa Sojatia photography, Indore, India, all rights reserved 


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