Before I jump onto the exciting piece of info to share, a little intro to me for everyone who thinks knows me and doesn’t and the ones  who genuinely don’t 😛

I believe in both white and black. I think there’s both logical and illogical in this world. I think there’s things you can see, things you can’t see and then things you can ‘SEE’…A dreamer, astral traveller and totally self awakened empathy starseed. It gives me true pleasure to be able to share this experience with you all today!


I usually dream a lot about Egypt & Egyptians (royals) & like most of my dreams and also meditative visions… this one too has literal references, which I found after a month later seeing the dream.

The scene opens with a young boy, draped in Greek white and gold, not too tall, his face un-shown ( phenomena common in dream world, perhaps it was irrelevant). He’s standing at the door of a house locate at what looks like an ancient cobbled street of some town…He’s searching for precious crystals, amethyst, rose quartz and some even rainbow hued. Perhaps collecting them for his personal collection…his attention is now caught with what’s happening inside the house situated exactly opposite of where he stands. The residents inside are frantically packing their bags. They’re  hushed and hurried to empty the space for some reason.

(The details shown till now helped me clearly understand that our young lad is fresher traveller and explorer readying himself to explore the world through the sea)

Suddenly the scene changes, there’s water gushing from one end of the road, drowning and submerging everything that comes in the way…the boy  however remains untouched and unharmed, seems like he is looking at all this while standing on some island kind of a place  where the flood cannot reach him. Everybody in the town/ city is running away, there’s panic and mayhem.

The scene changes again, the boy sets sail, ready for his first adventure and suddenly he’s in an ancient city in Egypt. The setting looks like more of a temple open to sky, there are huge pillars all around and the boy is now on his knees, mourning the death of RAMSES (the loss so intense it feels like a family member passed away)



All this while was assuming I had been shown a previous lifetime as a young boy, a greek, an explorer who finds his way into Egypt (possibly Thebes) and has some connection with the royal family of Ramses (as I am guessing in my dream and recall after waking up: Ramses the second). Happily satisfied with what I assumed at the moment I left my search for ‘the’ answer here  and then this happened!



Almost a month later and clearly unbothered to further dig in, I come across a very  intriguing documentary about “The Exodus”. It reveals some shocking facts about the mega history- why the exodus may not have happened when it’s said to have happened i.e  1270 BC (“ DURING THE REIGN OF RAMSES  THE 2ND !!)



What I saw in my dream was actually one of the many biblical catastrophes’ that happened during exodus (the plagues).

According to the documentary, during  the lifetime of Moses the great expulsion of the ‘Hyksos’ (Israelis)  tribe from Egypt happened (also called the Exodus) and the Santorini Volcanic Eruption (Greece) all happen during the same time-  around 1500 B.C.E !  The santorini eruption was one of the  most cataclysmic events of that era, affecting countires as far as Egypt..(approx 700kms away)


So it’s quite possible I was shown a glimpse of the original exodus, a piece of the missing history and how the timelines have been confused.  I guess showing Ramses’ death in the dream was just a clue hinting at the great confusion around when the exodus really happened. And I pretty much decoded it after watching the missing facts online.

If you recall the scene I talked about earlier where the young boy is looking at the events from afar.  I am clearly shown the origin of this boy through his attire. He is a greek! and he is standing on an island, probably the island of Santorini itself!!  Perhaps after the great volcanic eruption happened and causing a massive flood and other catastrophies near and far.


What I did above by dreaming is what’s called accessing the AKASHIC RECORDS or collective consciousness and buried head to toe in info gathered first hand, I now wonder if really the Hyksos expulsion and the biblical exodus one and the same? Is it really possible that all these years, what we were taught to believe, was a miracle of the god was actually truly an aftermath of an extremely powerful natural calamity? A divinely orchestrated destiny ?

Although experts argue that the Hyksos expulsion and exodus cannot be the same because Moses happened much later, the recent evidences found and shown as in the documentary directly hint at a possible wrong chronological placement of the event



I cannot perpetrate what I saw in my dream as an absolute truth but neither can I negate the supporting real life evidences I discovered through the documentary.

According to my understanding so far,  I was revealed critical information about two different timelines connected with one major event.

  • The exact day when the “real exodus” happened (that’s much much before the biblical date & king Ramses’ reign as I explained)


  • The actual era when Ramses dies ( I presume this because the boy in the dream is shown to set off on a long sea journey to explore the world, hence possible he reaches the coast of Egypt years later, exactly at the time when the country is mourning the death of their great king Ramses 2nd )

If I were to believe what I was shown in my dreams then the revelations made in the documentary truly make sense! And it is possible that the Exodus is actually the original Hyksos Expulsion!

Attaching below a ref link to the documentary for your personal research



An Acne Episode That Changed My Life


yeah i despise that word too, probably we all do. Infact that’s one of the worst things that can happen to a person ?? really…umm i don’t know if i gotta be so overly dramatic about i mean there are way more dangerous things, medical conditions out there..acne is just NORMAL! so we gotta stop overrating it…

I always thought i was one of those blessed beings who never, NEVER! in their life had an issue with zits, pimples or skin thangs ever..but the last three years, living in a different;highly polluted and overcrowded big city, away from my home town changed my world for both good and bad..

Now i’m not your small town girl but moving to another city was the only choice i had for deciding on a career with the Television/ Media industry!

Delhi is an insane place, as much as i would love for the hustle and bustle, the crazy party places, fun people, lots of art and literature to explore…it brings with it the cost and that is health issues..

My struggle with acne started around a couple of months back, i am in my late twenties now and i work as a TV anchor and correspondent at one of India’s finest, most trusted media houses…Makeup, stress, ong working hours and exposure to sun and dust is something inevitable for people in my profession..and that’s where it all started for me.

Over a period of two years i guess i developed what you may call an acute case of Nodulo-Cystic Acne. Dermats say it’s a rare skin condition and ofcourse the type-4 or last stage acne…and trust me there’s NOTHING NORMAL ABOUT IT!!

In my case it was more like a syndrome. I could have never imagined the kind of gunk i was carrying in my body and what it was doing to me internally..

Although i never had normal acne breakouts in the beginining, an ever growing redness on my chin and small red spots on the side of my cheek was how the god forsaken (lol) thing began.

I remember spending almost a month with an oddly looking red chin which everyone thought was just an allergy. Docs said it was acne rosecea and immediately put me on doxycycline and isotretinoin. However, i wasn’t really sure if i wanted to undergo allopathic treatment at that point of time given the side effects if the doses. And i decided to give homeopathy a try..

Tested and waited patiently on Homeopathy for two months, it actually worsesned my case because now i had big red pimples all over my face which eventually turned into pustules on my cheek and near my chin…only to have one of those transform into a big fucking abscess on the side of my face!

I looked beautifully ugly and abnormally wierd and was already exhausted explaining people how and what was going on, how a normal pimple turned into an abscess overnight after consuming cheese..etc…etc…etc :\

Sounds painful, scary and ugly doesn’t it? Well i stayed with it for three weeks patiently trying alternate ways to treat it until i decided to take a break from work and treat myself inside-out because by now i had much clarity o how and what were the underlying causes of my worsening skin condition.

Little clue did i have that there was a lot more pain and patience that i would beundergoing in the coming few days…

The syndrome the doc’s had identified was nothing but a severe anti-reaction inside my body under which my RA-Factor (An indicator of possible inflammation in the body) shot up abnormally and also my anti-bodies. Resulting in a severe reaction on my skin as the bacteria that normally grows and lives in the skin became hyper-active and the whole of immune system waged a war against it resulting into the infamous and most feared ACNE issue!

I remember spending days in hell as i would wake up every morning with a pain in one or the other joint. I would have locked joints all over my body, swollen finger joints, aching feet, aching knees and sometimes frozen shoulders that would pain so bad that i’d wish i could remove my hands off my body.

I tested and tried everything, anti-bacterials did not help me much but i was damn sure that i will find out what was going on within me and i will fix it. And thus began my journey of combating acne and restoring complete health within my body..

In the next few posts that i will be making i’m going to share a lot more on how and what causes acne, from normal to something as severe as  i had developed, what kind of medical drugs helped me and what kind of domestic treatments helped.

After months of struggling with joint pains and severe acne, a series of injections in the face for removal of infection and ofcourse high dosage of medicines …today when i feel better and healthier and ofcourse almost done with acne for good i feel like i need to share my journey with others. It’s been one hell of a ride but it has opened me so deeply to myself. And like any other experience it has taught me so many things and ways…

Acne doesn’t only attack your skin but it also impacts us psychologically, sometimes leaving a devastating impact on the patient.

I had almost slipped into depression when i was diagnoses with RA and blah blah..but i’m an INTUIT and i always alwayss alwaysss listen to my inner voice.It kept telling me i am not suffering from RA, i am perfectly alright and this too shall pass…

My acne episode has transformed me inside out, i always lived a healthy lifestyle but i am super conscious now, i live as stress free as i can,  i meditate more than an hour daily and keep my diet clean and green…all of these tricks certainly help believe me!

So in the posts underway i’m going to share a lot about how i dealth with the psychological effects of acne and what you to can do to help relieve yourself from all that stress plus i will share a list of products that are easy to source, use & are affordable and that every girl should have whether you have acne or not!

So watchout for my blogs and if you too like me have an acne story that changed your life in one way or the other then feel free to share with on my blog under the comments section. Also if you like my blog then feel free to share and refer!

And trust me if you suffer from Acne! stop making such a big deal about it…remember it feeds on your worry and stress …Acne is not a big deal, it’s so commonplace and regualr almost every second person suffers with it. Remember that you’re not alone on this journey and that you’re well equipped with the right knowledge, tools & tricks to defeat acne…and ofcourse people like me are always there sharing our experiences and empowering you with the knowledge we’ve gained overtime!

Take Care & Don’t Quit Believing in You!



So here I am, back to writing my blogs almost after three damn years!! shitt…i mean what can a job n that too in the media do to someone..although i write and i write a lot (being a TV/ news anchors involves a lot of that) i still wouldn’t somehow manage rather gather myself to writing my own thoughts feelings and ideas…

Anyway, they say it’s never too late to start over again…

so today i am sharing a very interesting story and perspective on cats! Lately i’ve been quite mused by my feline neighbours..not to say we have so many of them around here where i live..they outnumber almost any other creature..jeez….but i love them!!

A general answer, atleast the one i always get to hear when asked about “what one thinks about cats’ is that omgg i hate cats, they’re so mean! errr….and i actually never understood why people say that because honestly i do not think any animal except man is mean! Having said that, the meanest things are happening to me right now in my life, i have ACNE issues *fright* and i am off chocolate!! *sobs* ….

So i really do think cats are special and i will prove that to you in not just one but many ways..let’s get started with how i met my feline, agile, nimble furry friend who has almost inspired me to get back to writing and spreading the good word about her kind…thanks catlynn! yeah that’s her name…cute ain’t it? 111

It was a cold winter evening, i was doing my usual evening meditation after work; at my terrace and suddenly something inspired me to pray for a cat friend! yes you heard me right…a cat friend!! and i asked for one… Surprised you may be..but the very same week i was sent one… this one’s a local wild grey cat we find plenty here in India…and she come’s in almost as scared & amused to find me at the rooftop as i was of her…She was beautiful….Crystal green eyes, grey brown fur and a cute little face!! It was love at first sight…i Knew catty and i have a long way to go …

Days and weeks went by, i fed her almost daily…there wasn’t no binding between us. For me to feed her or for her to care if i did or not..She was my companion in all my meditations everyday. Our friendship and trust with each other was slow to develop…They say cats are too psychic, they can sense the spirit in someone. I guess my cat liked mine and slowly and steadily we became friends.

She started getting curious about me, would come close to me..an occasional sniff or paw scratch was the beginning of her letting me know she was getting comfortable with my presence…and bang one day she came right next to me and rub her face in my feet… Here on i have perhaps been the only person walking the earth who has ever touched Miss catty! errr and i guess will probably.

She sticks by me through thick or thin. I travel a lot, my work makes me come home at odd hours..by odd hours i mean i literally might work for 20 hours straight a day n come back at 4am only to find my cat sitting at the door waiting patiently to meet me. She would sometimes just come to say hello (cos i would not find her around later in the day)

I loved how she would everytime know when i will be back from work and she’ll always be there around before me..Wow indeed cats are psychic..atleast mine is!!

A few months back i started getting sick..like really sick..somehow nothing..no medicine was helping me and i was ofcourse quite worried about what was going on…

They say cats have the ability to suck away negativity from around or inside of you. That they have an extremely powerful energy field around them and have the ability to shoo away any damn negative energies that may have an impct on you. Well i don’t know if that is true but the fact that she transferred good vibes to me is!

Everytime i was dull n low my cat would come around just rub herself around me, meoww at me..almost like she is talking to me n telling me everythings gonna be alright mommy! And those cuddles and hugs literally changed my energy field…i would feel that sense of calm, relief, joy and above all comfort from this little furry being. Wooww..animals do have such impact on us!

Cats are truly magical beings and why i say that?

Take a look back into what’s called animal totems! now this is something my awakened friends would know of..If you don’t please consult our best friend- ‘google’…Anyway so cat totem says cats are highly spiritual, fanciful and independent. They know the ways of magical realms. Often come along when you will or are going to do some magical work like inner healing, a ritual etc…No wonder cos when my cat came in i was going through a period of major transformation and healing!

The cat totem teaches us to “allow ourselves to be”. It represents having a fine sense of self care, self pace and nourishment in life.

Cats are a true match with spiritual people. I mean i have seen this in my case atleast and i am a spiritual person. Not a single cat i have found has even been afraid or cautious of me when around. Having said that, cats rely on their spiritual energies and ofcourse instincts!

As a cat grows so does her energy field, which means she gathers more power with age. She can sense spirit & even communicate with one. How many times have you seen your cat staring blank into the wall or in the pitch dark ..or how many times have you seen a cat chasing invisible things in the garden? Those are fairies they say cats love chasing them…Cats also capture sounds we cannot hear.Testimony, my cat would look weird and alert everytime i would play any solfeggio frequency or music with deep tones…yes they pick up on sounds very very very subtle! I have seen this!!

So how do you know if a cat likes you? Well, since they pick up on energies so easy..the next time a cat comes purring its way to you, you know you’ve found a friend!

Cats also love company,they love to sleep in your bed with you. Often on the top of your head maybe! just kidding! Cats are known to protect their owners from invisible energies, negative influences.Everytime you see your cat arch its back, get all protective, surround you or just chase into a space with that body language…you know she’s ridding something unwanted!!

So the next time you say you hate cats, or get disrepectful of them…you might want to remember or know they ain’t just a fur ball rolling around asking for attention and food……..

OOooooooh n not to forget cats were among the most sacred, special and reverred animals in the anicent Egypt….may Bast, the cat goddess bless your soul…





Life changes fast and at every moment !  Ever since becoming an anchor and doing my own shows on national TV , ehh something i always wanted to do….writing for myself never really happened…its been more than four months i guess!! its funny how i was on the other side of the table a few days back….. i use to write my blog thinking & dreaming about scripting my own shows or books someday and today i wonder about getting all that free time and space & energy to write for my blog…Its just another ordinary day today…or perhaps not !!

spending my time doing daily chores…cooking for myself this realisation just happened to me & while chopping pineapple and seeing how almost 70% of the fruit goes to waste and yet we pay a lot of money for buying it i realsied how in life we run after things that probably aint worth it !!

Its nostalgic to be able to get back to writing and real writing indeed !! not just scripting mhy shows….it feels great to be able to let the thoughts flow & share them with many others….