just a random thought

a soul in order to emanate in human form needs to go through a cycle of eight four billion lives and deaths and yet after so much of soul evolution we are the most beastial, cruel, criminal and sinful creations!!
Sometimes I feel a petty dog roaming on the side street,killing only for its food and the amount of hunger it has in that moment is anyway better than a human who would kill even after a fully satiated stomach(greed)…

i dont know why i am writing this

so i don’t really know why i even turn out this blog today , maybe im just too overwhelmed with everything that’s happened in the recent past or maybe its just a craving for putting down yet another article.. so anyway , it all happened some few months back and ah i don’t even wish to get into the history of what happened but i think sometimes u just have had enough , too much of giving in to what others expect, too much of being understanding , too much of patience and hope and calm , it all does nothing but makes u become taken for granted more and more.
we all do make mistakes and relationships of any sort for that sake are meant to be going through ups and downs and it is in these phases you can actually understand the brevity of some relations and also learn whose going to love you and stay with you no matter what you did and whose going to forget everything and wreck the whole thing forever and just let go.

its sad when u know that no matter how much u did or how much u care about for some people its never enough or it just never matters , then you have to just free yourself of them because u cannot always pacify yourself to keep calm and wait for them to understand , sometimes you have to let go…for yourself!!
spending time thinking about what went wrong and what could have been made right adds more to this bullshit lol it doesnt help rather brings in more negativity.

i dont know what i am suppose to do with the problem i have at hand , but i know of one thing i will be doing and that is for this once i will forget everything and everyone and i will continue my path to enlightenment and learning, i guess this has brought me much closer to myself,i have excelled so well in many of the things i wished to do,its connected me with me and that’s really great , i realize the power i have in me.

A journey to Taita’s egypt – book review on wilbur smith’s egyptian compilation

i have been reading a lot of wilbur smith recently and just finished off with his egyptian series of four books viz : the river god ; warlock ; the seventh scroll ; the quest  and i just have two words to say ” they’re awesome ” . will simply takes you back into the pharaoh times of grandoise and chariots of gold ,treasure chests filled with rubies and emeralds and dazzling diamonds , riches and opulence of all kinds, polygamy,sex,wars,murder,conspiracy,brutality, paranormal ,magic and of course true love. his writing is so vivid it indeed forces clear imagination and the reader can often find themselves as one of the characters in the book living their life real time.the most intriguing and interesting part in all the books is the journey’s that taita the eunuch takes traveling from his egypt to lands as far as the east the reader really get’s mesmerized with the way the descriptions of the whole journey happens it feels almost as if it is happening all before your eyes , the imagination become so vivid , the writing although gets a little monotonous as it comes towards ending but still keeping the reader glued because suspense just keeps unfolding one after another.
my personal favorite turns out to be “The Quest ” which is also a definite love story and a fight of good over evil.it involves a hint of psychic and paranormal that really adds up a lot of flavor to the sometimes exceedingly stretched writing thus providing a hiatus from boredom.

overall , the books are amazing  , very well written and oh so imaginative..for all those people out there who have a liking for Egyptian stuff , you should really love to read these books and the best part is there is an online combo available for them @ flipkart and amazon .. so do check it out and i hope u have a good time too reading Wilbur Smith’s Egyptian fiction