A dark day for the world not just pakistan

calling it a taste of their own medicine will be harsh and unjust , in the light of what happened today in Peshawar … for the country now is the time it needs to re-think on its strategies and on  the support it has extended to the terrorism  in the past…..
the world cannot remain quiet anymore !! so many innocent children killed …. there maybe a thousand many reasons to it but none can justify this blithering act ! no allah or god can ever demand this !!! there is no jihad !! this is sheer madness which needs to be terminated

you may subdue the people for a while , but for every 100 that u have killed there are a thousand more who have stood up against you !!!

just another day # 1

the magic of human mind … the beauty of its creations at its best….

a simple cut / copy / paste function in a not so simple laptop

how quickly the text just disappears and re appears gracefully , almost mystically in another space…. like the sun playing hide and seek on a rainy day …… the words go invisible and then re appear , every time leaving this amused feeling behind…..

how beautiful is the transition ….. it almost went ” Slow-mo” right here in front of my eyes …. like…. time just rolled a little too slow…. only to reveal me this originality ………… the beauty of the mundane..

encounters with the mystic man


| “Often it isn’t the initiating trauma that creates seemingly insurmountable pain, but the lack of support after “.I tends into reflections of a mental imagery that reveals itself to me every now and then; maybe its trance or maybe it exists in real life. This is an image of an old being, which has a lot of unnatural things about his self and his disposition. I can see him standing right in front of my eyes. He looks enigmatic and mysterious; raising my suspicion but wanting me to know him better , at the same time.

He has an unusual way of adorning his head; he chooses the rainbow plumage from bird’s exotic, clearly distinguishing himself from the commonality of his people. Silvery grey strands of hair, which declare his age, fall down from his whittled shoulders and rest on his bosoms’. His forehead is big and wide, a trait of a man of great wisdom.

His eyes are dark, small and evenly spaced apart, sitting below trim eyebrows. They maybe old but they have no hint of the blue that old age brings along; they have lived a past, experienced the present and they have a vision of the future.

He has a wrinkled face with his cheeks sucked in; kissed by the sun, his skin withered and aged; its color having become a dark bronze glaze. His nose is pointed and adorned with a peculiar silver ring; it looks much like a serpent biting its own tail. It is strange for a man to adorn his nose for that is an attribute of a woman’s embellishments. He has lips that have grown thin with age , but they always remain in set smile ; pretty much a Mona – Lisa smile , leaving me with a feeling that he’s known me for a while.

He has neither a slender long neck nor a thick one, but a neck which is a balance between the two and behind the colorful beads that he wears on this neck, there remains imprinted an occult sign on the right side. A tattoo I will call it, a wolf and a crow on opposite sides; just like two faces to the same coin. The crow is the keeper of knowledge and the wolf symbolizes a medicine man.

To decorate his chest he chooses to wear the skulls of different animals. He looks formidable, sometimes making me feel he’s either a Satan worshipper or a harbinger of death.

He carries a medicine bag with a leather thong, on which are threaded two pieces of a common herb and some other leaves; some induce trance, other’s simply cure. It also contains some feathers and stones that are spiritually significant. Somewhere inside this bag , hidden beneath his strange treasures lies a big white conch ; its end crested with purest of silver and embellished with a sacred mantra. They say “ the sounds that emanate from his shell connect with the beings from another realm

He’s eccentric, for he’s gifted – a seer, a fortune teller. He connects with the spirit world and is a dream catcher. He is a medicine man and a healer; he is a shaman.

There’s certainly something he knows about me for he has chosen to visit me either in my dreams or in my waking life. He maybe just an illustration of and imaginative mind but he always leaves me in the shackles of his enigma.

And as this image begins to fade away, I his hear his voice distant but clear , he blesses me and promises me all the wisdom that I have ever looked for and with that he slowly slipped away ; leaving behind the memories of my magical encounters with a mystic man.