The girl by the river side

She might not be the most beautiful girl you would have ever known , but she definitely has her charm on roll , shes one of the kind who will never tell you her secret only to let you dig in for yourself. she has hair that is wavey like the ocean trail,beautiful and dark like the night sky, long and smooth like the river flows.she has the forehead of a thinker and believer with brows that rise and fall in the perfect place , her eyes glisten and are the darkest brown with a tiny sparkle shining like a crown and they  speak ever so loud but not they show a trace of proud.she has compassion in her heart that shows on her smile and when she laughs the dimples on her cheek emerges like a ripple on serene waters of a lake. her skin is white not a spotless but a clear white,a timeless glow that adorns her face and the rosy lips you will surely gaze and when the hair falls down her shoulder,its the silk and perfume that dazes you so, you get lost in her charm she’s sacrosanct, shes the girl,she is pristine. i saw her by the river side and her beauty kept all my thoughts away for a while , i was lost in the mystery of the woman i saw and i stood there in silence with the reminiscence of my sight , for her beauty shall never leave this place in my mind.

a waterfall of thoughts

“La vie comme il faut “is what I have been saying to myself for some time now. i have given up everything i do not want to do or found myself ill fitted for and finally unleashed what has been lying dormant inside of me, for what seems to be aeons. For some people what i am doing is a “faux pas” – and i have never understood why someone with an MBA cannot be into journalism or shift to it. But life and times have now taught me to take counsel of others, but always follow my own heart and finally I am doing what I have always wanted to do.  I’ve never really lived away from my family for too long although I’m very independent and prefer to do things on my own. But living alone has brought me an extra strength and confidence, and specially living in a city like Delhi, it is brave isn’t it? I’ve been doing a lot of exploring the city alone and I’m falling in love with it, right from its bustling local markets heavily laden with all kinds of beautiful nothings, its gargantuan malls and shopping centres, to its awe-inspiring monuments – the city has just so much to offer. The people are surely crazy , they sound frustrated and angry most of the time , putting up a fracas on almost anything , a kind of madness I am not much used to and so far not afraid of. However with all its good and bad things, I’ve come to liking this place and the new phase i am going through, c’est joie de vivre!! Isn’t it? There are times in life when you need to travel alone to discover the “YOU” inside you and I’m glad I got my chance. Lao Tzu once said “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step “I’ve taken mine, let’s see how it unfolds from here and now.

MUSIC -look what it did to me !!


its five minutes to 12, midnight here in India , a hot shower was all i could do to relax myself of the day’s fatigue and there came to me this beautiful sound almost making me imagine a long walk into the woods with my hands in yours , warm and comfortable in your presence,the beautiful glistening gold of the setting sun shining on our faces making them more beautiful than the fairies and gods

not that i did not have something better to do at this odd time that i end up feeding some rich classical music to my noise tired ears , i end up on this track by kitaro- theme of ROMEO and JULIET , what a beauty is it?? i think i needed something like this for so long to let out this loneliness that was haunting me all this time , yes i definitely remember to miss you,not forget you , your touch , your smile , your look , your unsaid words of love and care,the feelings or thoughts you’d never dare reveal only wanting me to understand them within my heart,it all it lies within of me , not in the deepest recesses where i cannot catapult them from but in the center most of my heart and mind , you are and will always be there.

how this beautiful music was meant to be played and that too by me to remind me of you , to bring a little tear or two for what should have been , could have been, to again lighten up the flame  that seemed to be dying somewhere ,somehow , our loved ones never really stop loving us for our mistakes do they?mistakes that should not even counted as ones??

i know we were strong , we were one only separated by the tide of time , the same tide us will bring us on the same shores again , where our eyes shall meet , our souls re-unite and our love rekindled… i shall wait that  ..for now i lay content and pray , what we have only grows much stronger as time passes us by .

sometimes things are just lined up  , and then it strikes you omg is that the answer i was looking for /?? is that the thing i was missing on ?? life is not weird , its just always revolving around you , nudging you , giving you your answers just open yourself to that sound !!

with so much love to YOU and all :)

A new city and Me

i sleep myself off everyday with a prayer to god for all the great things , friends , experiences and somehow new discoveries that i am everyday making within of me and to the fact that how much i miss my family now that i am living on my own in a completely new city and everyday i wake myself up to the reality , not so lonely but yes confident enough to face the day with even bigger energy than yesterday.

it’s amazing how strong living alone , doing your things on your own , managing food , stay etc can make you. i havent really surprised myself that i can do so much on my own but yeah i do have surprised a lot of people that had pre conceived notions of me , that i can and i do so much on my own … no am not a rich spoilt brat !!! :D ..

i dont know how would i put this up , but yeah in a way i love this new space , new people and of course the idea of being so independent and it is definitely bringing an inner inspiration along with a deeper understanding of my own self and the work i am doing is definitely like so positively the other side of me that was just waiting to be unleashed .. oh n staying alone is another brave endeavor that i have taken up lol !!


love to all <3





i don’t want to put up some definition type explanation to what is synchronicity rather il share what i understand,in most simple and layman’s word that is simply attracting coincidences , events , people etc that directly or indirectly contribute to attainment of one’s desires as well they can be sometimes like a premonition or warning to something that’s coming up fast with which you either catch up or pack bags n take another way ( run away ) lol !! 

synchronicity happen to each an every one of us and they are often ignored by i’d say 95 percent people as mere coincidences mm actually meaningless coincidences but the truth is that nothing !! yes NOTHING  happens without a reason  , that stranger you ran into a coffee bar , that conversation you just overheard or a free advice you got from an absolute stranger is not just some shitty coincidence , it was you who attracted it and of course for some reason!

the best way to keep track of these happenings is having your own sync journal , record the events because we tend to forget them fighting the daily 100 tensions in our lives , once you start noting them down you will start realizing they have a meaning , a pattern maybe as well so pay attention to the signs and yes note it down , go through them at the end of the day and try to figure out why it happened for you and dont forget to appreciate these incidents , the more you appreciate n give out positive vibes , the more you attract positive and meaningful synchro’s in your life that can really give you a lot of guidance too!! 


love to all :)

the historian – elizabeth kostova

amazingly thrilling vampire hunt story that takes you throughout Europe , well bound and great story telling. i could never give up reading this one its so thrilling and being a lover of history myself i could not stop myself researching more on drakulya !! elizabeth has a particular style of writing and the book clearly gives evidence to that , shes put out her life story in a such a way that it becomes more and more interesting page after page and indeed more mysterious. for those who have an interest in the occult , vampires , history etc this book will just keep you enthralled throughout.

its definitely a worth reading specifically for those who muse the paranormal..


have fun reading :D